90 years of happiness in the kitchen with Le Creuset

Over the past century, many culinary trends have come and gone, but the Le Creuset brand has stood the test of time. This year, the pioneering manufacturer of enameled cast-iron cookware celebrates its 90th anniversary.

90 years of kitchen happiness with Le Creuset

Since 1925, Le Creuset has been creating exquisite cookware, bringing joy to homes and families around the world. During its 90-year history, the brand, known and loved in over 70 countries, has created more than 300 million pieces. To mark this important milestone, the company will launch a limited edition of exact replicas of its original products and launch an international online project “Time Capsule” lecreuset90.com.

Ninety years ago, a French enamelware specialist and a French casting expert teamed up to create superior cast iron kitchenware covered in colored enamel. The two of them opened an iron foundry in Frenois-le-Grand, a small town in northern France, and began producing colored enameled cast-iron cookware, a real coup in a time when kitchen utensils were dull and gray. Their first color was a vibrant flame-orange, “Fiery Lava,” which they were inspired by the rich hues of cast iron.

“Not surprisingly, the first flame-orange cocotte appeared in 1925, a time when France was a pioneer in equipping and decorating kitchens. Le Creuset has always attached great importance to form and color,” says Paul Van Zuidam, chairman of the company. – That’s why professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts the world over are so passionate about our products. They trust our quality, but they also prefer us because of the color and joy that Le Creuset brings to their kitchens. I’m very excited to celebrate our brand’s 90th anniversary and the rich heritage we carry, but even more I’m excited about our future accomplishments.”

By the end of 2015, a limited edition of Le Creuset’s original 90th anniversary cocotte pots will be on sale. Only 1,925 of these original commemorative cocotte pots were made to celebrate the company’s founding. The company’s fans will easily notice that the original cocotte has many design features that are still inherent in Le Creuset tableware, which emphasizes the style and craftsmanship. 


About Le Creuset

Founded in 1925 in a small town of Frenois-le-Grand in Northern France, the Le Creuset brand to this day continues to delight its fans with excellent quality and design of cast-iron and ceramic tableware. Among the brand, amateurs are not only cooking aficionados, but also top chefs from around the world.

For 90 years, Le Creuset specialists have been making cast-iron items by hand, using only high-quality source materials. Today the brand is represented in more than 60 countries and offers ceramic products, a three-layer stainless steel collection, and cookware with non-stick coating, as well as accessories for cooking and wine.